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Getting Started

Starting with CrossFitNWA

I’m sure you’ve heard that CrossFit will get you…….injured. We are different. Before being thrown into the group classes and asked to perform complex and heavy movements for time, you will attend 2 personal training sessions ($50 each). It will provide you with the technique and skill necessary for keeping you safe and maximizing your results when you enter the group classes. This is is mandatory for all “new” to CF members. 

During your private sessions we will cover the basic fundamental weightlifting movements of CrossFit, basic gymnastic movements, monostructural movements, Olympic lifting as well as a brief nutrition discussion. We do require everyone to have a foundation before being released into the CrossFit group class. If you have CF experience and need a refresher or “TEST OUT” there will be a $50 per hour fee. Each session is about an hour long.

I know we are not the cheapest CF affiliate around. That’s because we hold and pride ourselves to a higher standard. If you want a cheap fitness experience we may not be the best fit for your journey. Experience is everything. CFNWA is in our 12th year and hold the title of best CF affiliate in the area for a reason.

For complete details of costs please email lee@crossfitnwa.com or by phone 479-644-8108.

Why Should I join CFNWA

Answer – Our highly experienced trainers are able to provide quality instruction and modification recommendations for all levels. CrossFit NWA is the longest running CF affiliate in the state. CrossFit NWA provides a unique experience where fitness can be fun. Our facility is the largest CrossFit box in the region as well as the first of its kind in the state. Our 10,000 square foot facility is equipped with full his/her locker rooms and multiple showers. CFNWA is Bentonville’s “Best Fitness Facility” five consecutive years.

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