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Tuesday 110920

Rest day was a success. To everyone that did it RX, congrats. Also a new on ramp class has started. You will see some new faces around the box. Be sure and welcome them to the NWA community…


Now it’s time to get back to work.



J Pitt with a great finishing position


AMRAP in 7:00 of
10 Box Jumps 24/20
10 Wallballs 20/14
10 T2B

Lauren practicing the hook grip on patrol car. Don’t think you can shuffle steer with that though Lauren.

Monday 110919

Good cycle gang with a lot of good accomplishments.  Way to finish with benchmark “Annie” and some good squat snatches.  Many of you took on the snatch with determination to maintain mechanics and form which resulted in some very good lifts. 


CrossFit NWA’s motto is “Train to Survive” which can mean something different to every member as we have discussed before.  In a broad sense, our motto means train to survive life and all that it brings our way which includes the unknown and unknowable.  Let’s face it, we don’t know what is around every corner in life and that is why we need to prepare for every challenge physically and mentally.  Countless hours of research have been completed to analyze whether or not there are common characteristics of those who survive challenging events.  The results of such studies point to the fact that common characteristics do exist among people with the fortitude to survive such events.  Many of these same characteristics are also common among those who do CrossFit and can be described as having a physical and mental toughness unmatched by anyone with an colossal strength of will to survive. 


  There is no question in my mind, we would have won that fight, but we ran out of blood and bullets.”  This amazing quote by Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell shows the type of mind set we are talking about here.  Luttrell made this comment as he recounted the epic battle that took place during Operation Redwing in the Afghanistan mountains in 2005.  Luttrell was part of a four man SEAL unit who were engaged in a firefight with 100 to 150 Taliban.  Luttrell and most of the other SEALs that day were CrossFitters including Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy who was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor and who we honor when we do the WOD “Murph.”  What you might not have known is this four man unit killed almost 100 Taliban during this fierce fight on the side of a mountain while the enemy had the tactical advantage of being positioned on the high ground.   Luttrell was the only survivor that day.


Here are a couple more great examples. 


Ordinary people doing extraordinary things and who says the dead lift is not a functional movement…


On the lighter side of things……   Was she prepared for the unknown and unknowable?  🙂




Rest Day


OPEN GYM   4:00pm to 6:30pm

Sunday 110918

What an incredible event. Fight Gone Bad 6 was a huge success. We raised a little over $1000. Thank you for all your support not to mention some incredible scores.

The teams for the HOA competition are set. Each team has been assigned a team captain. I will be putting together some team wods in the next couple of days and get them to the captains. Time to do work…..

Last day of the cycle, so we will finish will a “little” metcon and some strength work.

Warm Up
Skill Work/Burgener Warm up


II Unders
Sit Ups


Snatch (Full Squat)

1 rep every minute on the minute for 15 minutes
*Post low and high loads only  

Saturday 110917

Another Benchmark WOD in the books. Nothing like squat cleans to start the cycle off. March killed “Elizabeth” with a sub 5 min time. Awesome job by all….

Here we go with Fight Gone Bad 6…….

Class times 0730 , 11:00, and 12:00 ONLY… No other scheduled classes. Cost is $20.00 per person.


“Fight Gone Bad”

In this workout you move from each of five stations after a minute. This is a five-minute round from which a one-minute break is allowed before repeating. The stations are:

1.   Wall-ball: 20/14 pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps)

2.   Sumo deadlift high-pull: 75/55 pounds (Reps)

3.   Box Jump: 20″ box (Reps)

4.   Push-press: 75/55 pounds (Reps)

5.   Row: calories (Calories)

The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. On call of “rotate,” the athlete/s must move to next station immediately for good score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point.

Friday 110916

I hope everyone got a chance to watch the 2011 CrossFit Games on ESPN2. Pretty awesome how our sport is finally getting the recognition it deserves. The only thing it didn’t show is how awesome our community is.

Also we have recently had several people graduate from on ramp classes and they will be starting group classes. Make sure you welcome them into the community.

The tryouts for the HOA competition are complete. Teams will soon be set and the training will begin. Mark your calendars for Nov 4th, 5th, and 6th. This is going to be an awesome event. If you are interested in volunteering or judging at the event, let me know and I will help get you signed up.

Reminder Fight Gone Bad 6 is this Saturday. Classes will be at 0730, 11:00, and 12:00. This will be the only workout for the day. Cost is $20.00 per person. All the money raised will be donated supporting The Special Operations Warriors Foundation, CrossFit Kids, and Camp Patriot..Hope to see you there

 Now it time to get back to work.

Cleans 135/95 (Full Squat)
Ring Dips

Thursday 110915

It’s that time of year again for FIGHT GONE BAD (FGB) fundraiser. CrossFit NWA will be participating in FGB 6 this Saturday September 17, 2011. Class times will be 7:30am, 11:00am, and 12:00pm on Saturday and FGB 6 will be the only WOD of the day. FGB 6 is $20 per person per WOD. All proceeds raised for FGB 6 will go to support the Special Operations Warriors Fund and the CrossFit Foundation.

Reminder for the team tryouts tomorrow night for those who did not complete Sunday’s tryout. All athletes trying out please be at the gym by 5:30pm.


Rest Day

Team Tryouts 5:30pm


Wednesday 110914

Hey Gang, just a reminder the next tryout time is 5:30pm on Thursday to try and make a team going to Springfield for the competition in November. EVERYONE is encouraged to tryout if you could not make the previous tryout. This is only for people who could not tryout on Sunday. There are 9 men’s spots up for grabs and 9 women’s spots with one alternate each for a total of ten men and ten women. Anybody and everybody trying out has a chance at earning a spot, so SHOW UP and LEAVE NOTHING!!

Dan leaves nothing with the 2 pood.

Sivan leaving “something” for the little maple tree after the prowler warm up.


10 rounds for time of:

Run 200m

5 dead lifts 225 / 155-185

10 game style push ups

Tuesday 110913

L to R bottom row:  Kim, Spencer.  L to R top row:  Heather, Gwen, Andrea.


Congrats to the most recent on-ramp class to graduate!!  Please look for them as many have already joined regular group class and they’re already getting their WOD on!!  If you see them, make sure and welcome them the CFNWA way.. 





5 rounds for time of:


40 II unders

30 box jumps 24/20

20 KB swings 1.5/1



Monday 110912

Congratulations to our newest CrossFit NWA Coach/Trainer Wendi Crotts on her recent successful completion of the CrossFit Kids certification course. 


Sunday was probably the most exciting rest day we’ve had in a while.  We kicked it off with a great nutritional clinic with tons a good information.  We had a huge turnout so please share with others the knowledge you gained today.  Remember, the community is a huge part of what makes this thing we call CrossFit so successful and the CrossFit NWA community is like none other.  A big thanks to Sean Humphreys for putting together the information and doing such a great job delivering it with his presentation.  Sean jokes that he is not expert, but there aren’t many out there with his knowledge and expertise regarding nutrition and using it to optimize performance. 


Second, we held tryouts for the Springfield, MO competition and again there was a huge turnout both with the competitors and supporters.  It’s been such an unbelievable experience watching our athletes grow into the elite competitors they are and the fact we have so many is amazing.  We can’t put into words just how proud we are of everyone. 


Last, but certainly not least we honored the nearly 3000 victims of 9/11 with a tribute WOD at the end of the day in which we completed 3000 total reps.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  To all the victims and heroes from that fateful day we honor your sacrifices and service.  You will NEVER be forgotten…..






Pull Ups – Max Reps




Overhead Squats

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

Sunday 110911


“Unlikely Heroes”


In remembrance of 9/11 we thought we should point out some heroes a little different from the ones we normally honor.  On September 11, 2001 we witnessed the worst ever terrorist attack on U.S. soil.  We watched in horror as the World Trade Center Towers and the Pentagon were hit by terrorists in three separate passenger airplanes.  A fourth airplane controlled by terrorists, United Flight 93, was the final weapon in the twisted plot to kill more innocent people.  Flight 93 was only 20 minutes from its target in Washington D.C. when a group of unarmed ordinary people did something extraordinary.  Jeremy Glick, Mark Bingham, Todd Beamer, and Tom Burnett were some of the passengers on Flight 93 that day when terrorists took control of the plane.  These are some of the brave passengers who put aside fear and anxiety to fight back against the terrorists and put an end to their horrific campaign.  After being told by loved ones of what had already transpired with the other airplanes via the in flight phones, the passengers quickly devised a plan.  The plan?  Take back the airplane to survive or so that countless more innocent Americans would be spared on the ground.  After the plan was made, without hesitation or second thought, passenger Todd Beamer  said to the others, “Are you ready guys…. LET’s ROLL!”  The passengers rushed the cockpit and quickly overpowered the terrorists.  During the fight, the airplane fell into a unrecoverable dive and crashed into an unpopulated field in Pennsylvania.  All aboard were killed.  These brave passengers refused to sit idly by in their seats while terrorists delivered their final blow in their attack against our country.  They banded together as brave Americans and took action against all odds while dealing with their own fears and emotions.  They gave the ultimate sacrifice and prevented further loss of life.  True American Heroes…


Ordinary people doing extraordinary things….  Sound familiar?  This is a phrase often used in Crossfit and shows a common thread among all of us.  The ability to overcome all odds and do the things thought impossible.  This is why we “train to survive.” 


On Sunday please take a moment to Honor our Heroes, Remember the Fallen, and be Proud to be an American, Home of the Brave and Land of the Free.  3-2-1  Lets Roll. 





Rest day


Free Nutritional Clinic – 10am


Competition Open Try Outs – Immediately following the nutritional clinic (approximately  12pm)


Last but not least, EVERYONE in attendance should be prepared to honor the nearly 3000 victims of 9/11, CrossFit NWA style, shortly following the tryouts…