There will be no open gym Thursday Oct 15th 5-6:30 pm. We are having additional/new LED lights installed as well as a new exhaust fan for when we shut garage doors during cold weather.

Crossfit NWA – CrossFit

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Warm-up (No Measure)



10 Up Downs

10 Push Ups

10 RKBS moderate load

10 BB Thruster

15 Sit Ups

5 Strict Pull Ups/ RR

Extended Warm Up

Barbell Warm Up (10:00)

Build to all BB workout loads and ensure correct loading. complete 3-5 reps of every movement

Metcon (Time)

2012 Chipper

10 OHS 135/95 115/85

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

10 Thruster 115/85 95/65

10 Power Clean 185/115 155/105 135/95

10 Toes 2 Bar

10 Burpee C2Bar Pull Ups

10 Toes 2 Bar

10 Power Cleans

185/115 155/105 135/95

10 Thrusters 115/85 95/65

10 Box Jump Overs 24/20

10 Overhead Squats 135/95 115/85

*If any of these RX loads are light but RX+ is too heavy, choose a load in between. example RX 135/95 RX+ 155/105. Choose 145/100


OHS 155/105

Thrusters 135/95

Power Clean 205/125

Burpee Muscle Ups (Ring/Bar.)


10 OHS 10 Box Jump Overs 20/14 or step overs

10 Thrusters 95/65 75/55 65/45

10 Power Cleans 115/85 95/65 *increase from thruster

10 TTB /Core

10 Burpees + 10 Pulling

This is a 2012 chipper from the CF Games. It should take b/t 15-20:00. Do not scale it back so much that you sprint through everything UB finishing in 10:00. Challenge yourself on each of these movements. If you can do Burpee Bar MU instead of BC2B then do it. If you want to do Burpee + MU attempts do it. Just be smart on loading and do NOT compromise safety for the sake of going too heavy.


*OHS 1-2 Sets

Thrusters 1-3 sets

Power Cleans- Dbls or singles

Burpee RMU/Burpee BMU/Burpee C2B PU


Plate or DB OH Lunge or FS for OHS

Toe Raises/Weighted/Sit Ups

Burpee Pull Ups or Burpees then jumping Pull Ups

Scale Load as needed

Extra Credit


Odd- :45 Max Calories Row/C2 Bike/Assault

Even- :45 Max DBL KB Deadlift or Single DB Box Step Ups *Athlete Choice Load


Mix Match Home workouts


Metcon (Time)

5 rnds of

15 Weighted Sit Ups 50/35

15 DBL DB Push Press 50/35


Metcon (Time)

4 RFT of

300m Run

16 TTB/Knee Raises/Weighted Sit Ups

8 DBL DB Push Jerks 50/35