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Warm-up (No Measure)

Tabata 20/10 x4 each

1. Shuttle Runs

2. Plate Jumps/Single Unders/II Unders

3. Lunge + Banded Pass Through

4. Plank Hold/HS Hold /HS Walk Practice

Metcon (Time)


For Time

150 Double Unders,

50 Sit-ups

25 Handstand Push-ups

120 Double Unders,

25 TTB

20 Handstand Push-ups

90 Double Unders,

30 Sit-ups

15 Handstand Push-ups

60 Double Unders,

20 TTB

10 Handstand Push-ups

30 Double Unders,

10 Sit-ups

5 Handstand Push-ups

**Every 3 Minutes Starting at 0:00]: Run 200m or 15/12 cal

30:00 Time Cap


150-250 Singles

35 Sit Ups

15-20 HR Push Ups

80-160 Singles

15-20 Knees Raises or V Ups

10-15 HR Push Ups

60-120 Singles

15-25 Sit Ups

5-10 HR Push Ups

30-60 Singles

5-10 HR Push Ups

**Run 100m or 9/7 cal

If you hit the cap, your score 30 + 1 second per unfinished reps of metcon not including run


Metcon (Time)


For Time:

100 DU, 50 Sit-Ups, 25 Hand-Release Pushups

80 DU, 40 Sit-Ups, 20 Hand-Release Pushups

60 DU, 30 Sit-Ups, 15 Hand-Release Pushups

40 DU, 20 Sit-Ups, 10 Hand-Release Pushups

20 DU, 10 Sit-Ups, 5 Hand-Release Pushups

*On the 0, and every 3:00 thereafter:

200m Run

30:00 Cap



The 200m run every 3 minutes will interrupt your progress on the 3 other movements in todays high-rep workout

Every 3 minutes [starting at 0:00] you’ll complete a 200m run

With whatever time remains in the 3-minute window, you’ll complete as many reps as you can on the “”scored portion”” of the workout

This should work out to roughly 1 minute of running and 2 minutes spent on the double unders, sit-ups, and/or hand release push-ups

After coming back from the run, you’ll pick up wherever you left off in the workout

Run efforts take place on the [0-3-6-9-12-15-18-21-24-27…]
We’ll cap this workout at 30 minutes

If you hit the cap, put 30:00 as your score and note total completed reps

Extra Credit

Body Armor

3 Sets:

7 Bottom Range Dumbbell Bench Press

7 Top Range Dumbbell Bench Press

7 Full Range Dumbbell Bench Press

Rest as needed between.



Today’s focuses on our pressing capacity

With 21 reps per set, we have three ranges of motion

7 reps the extension to halfway

7 reps from halfway to chest contact

7 full range reps

Complete all 21 reps and that is a single set

Rest as needed between sets.