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AMRAPx7 light DB

8-10 Shuttle Runs

8/8 DB S/A Press in Lunge (hold front rack + lunge+ press)

16 Core

DB Waiters Walk 50′ ea arm

Metcon (Time)

4 Rounds for Time
600m Run (2×300)

16 S/A DB Burpee Deadlift 50/35 (35/25)

16 S/A DB OH Lunge

16 S/A DB Snatch

**All DB movements are not alternating. Complete 8 one side then 8 on the opposite.

Time Cap 28:00



“Guns & Guts”

3 sets to failure

Max Hammer Curls

Max Tricep Ext

Max Hollow Rocks

Max Plank

Rest as needed b/t sets