Saturday Oct 27th – Costume contest, Skittles workout, 2 person teams, BRING a FRIEND

Monday Oct 29th – Group On Ramp Starts . 20% discount for November membership rate anyone signing a friend up for on ramp.

Wednesday Oct 31 – Happy Halloween . NO 6:30pm classes

Crossfit NWA – CrossFit

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Coach led Skills and Drills

Metcon (Time)

Just like deck of cards. Each team will get 2 fun sized bags of skittles (or m&m’s) can not open until after buy in is complete. Each color will represent set amount of reps and specific movement.

“Skittles” Partner Wod

Buy In: 20- Medball squat clean and toss (Coach will demo in class)


Red/pink- 3 MU’s/ or 6 C2B/ or 9 Pull ups / Jumping PU/ring rows

Green- 6 DB Thrusters /Wallballs

Purple/Brown- 9 Deads 225/155 175/135 135/95 (Scale as needed) KB Sumo Deadlift

Yellow – 12 DB Hang Power Cleans/ Russian KBS

Orange- 15 cal Row/Bike

Blue- 18 MB Sit Ups

*Each time a color gets double drawn (ex. 2 yellows in a row) each partner must do 5 burpees before starting that movement.

Once you’ve completed both “Fun size” bags you will finish with a buy out.

Buy Out: 20- medball squat clean and toss