Saturday January 20

Box News

First round of new equipment has been placed. Should be here in a week. Included new barbells, wallballs, wise crack abmats, collars to name a few. Fell short of our target, so had to hold off on somethings. We'll place another order after Cupid's Revenge.

No fixed open schedule this year. We will not be going to the fixed schedule we have gone to in the past. We will continue our 3:1 schedule. We will still be doing the open workout for the workout of the day on Fridays. We’ll run regular classes on Saturday at 7-8-9 and open workout from 10-12. A full calendar for the 5 weeks of the open is being finalized and will be posted. We encourage everyone to participate in the open as it’s a great tool to compare yourself to your friends, coworkers, and of course yourself. More details coming soon. 321GO

Flu season is peak and very bad this year. If you are sick please stay home. Remember to wipe down equipment.

Cupid' Revenge 2.0- Feb 10th. Registration goes live soon.

2 Person Teams
AMRAP x 25:00
"Deck of Cards"
Hearts – Wallballs 20/14 @ 10'
Diamonds- Pull-Ups
Spades – S2OH 95/65
Clubs – Front Rack Lunge 95/65
Jokers – 40 Cal Row split however

Aces- 21 reps
Kings- 15 reps
Queens – 14 reps
Jacks – 13 reps