SAturday December 17th


For TIme
2 person teams
100 Russian KBS 2/1.5
100 Air Squats
during 100's complete 8 total rope climbs
75 S2OH 115/85
75 GS Box Jumps 30/24
during 75's complete 6 total rope climbs
50 American KB Swings 2/1.5
50 Burpees
during 50's complete 4 total rope climbs
*25 each 1 Arm Alnernating KB Swings 2/1.5
during 25's complete 2 total rope climbs

Sometime during the set the rope climbs must be completed. A1 works on reps while A2 works on rope climbs vice versa etc until climbs are complete then finish remaining reps. The reps are split between the 2 athletes with exception of 1 Arm Swings.