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Monday Oct 31

Happy Halloween
Enjoy the evening with the family.
NO 6:30pm class at SOUTH
Regular hours at North

12 Thrusters 95/65
12 Pull Ups
Rest 5:00
9 Thrusters 115/85
Rest 5:00
6 Thrusters 135/95
6 C2B Pull Ups

AMRAPx5 rest 5:00
12 Wallballs or 12 Thrusters
12 Assisted PU

9 Thrusters
9 MB Sit Ups

6 Thrusters
6 Ring Rows

Sunday Oct 30th

Incredible turnout for Saturdays workout. Thank you to everyone that came out. Also great job to the teams that competed at WodWars. Way to represent…..

4 RFT of
Run 400m
12 Squat Cleans 135/95
24 KBS 1.5/1

Saturday Oct 29th

Remember we will be doing our costume contest today. Best costume wins a pro pack of SFH protein. Pics will be taken and posted on our community FB page. Costume with the most votes will be the winner.    

Don't wanna wear the costume, not a problem. Show your support for the "Real Men Wear Pink" campaign benefiting the American Cancer Society by wearing your RMWP shirt or any pink shirt in general.  Donations accepted but not required. POC is Ryan Truesdale or Jaqueline aka "Jay Quellen" Coffman.


 Just like deck of cards. Each team will get 2 fun sized bags of skittles (or m&m's) can not open until after buy in is complete. Each color will represent set amount of reps and specific movement. 

"Skittles" Partner Wod

Buy In:  30 – Medball squat clean and toss 


Red- 3 MU's/ or 6 C2B/ or 9 Pull ups / ring rows

Green- 6 HSPU/ Stink bugs / DB Press

Purple/Brown- 9 Deadlifts 225/155  175/135  135/95 (Scale as needed)

Yellow- 12 Wallballs 20/14

Orange- 15 Box Jumps  24/20

*Each time a color gets double drawn (ex. 2 yellows in a row) each partner must do 5 burpees before starting that movement. 

Once you've completed both "Fun size" bags you will finish with a buy out.

Buy Out: 30- medball squat clean and toss

All work is split between the athletes with only one person working at a time.

Friday Oct 28th


10 Pull Ups
20 II Unders
1 Snatch P/S 1. 155/105  2.135/95 3.115/85

5 OH Press or reg Push Ups
10 Pull Ups or Ring Rows
20 II's or 5 Att+ 15 singles
1 Power Snatch *Choose moderate load 

Wednesday Oct 26th


EMOMx17 climbing
Min 1-5 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat+ 1 Jerk
Min 6-10 1 Squat Clean Thruster
Min 11-7 1 Clean & Jerk *Heavy as possible

50-40-30-20-10 reps of
II Unders
Sit Ups