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Monday Feb 29th

16.1- Reminder YOU have until 7pm our time to submit your score. Once it’s submitted we will validate in the next day or so. 

If you are looking at doing it 1 more time make sure you get a judge and find a time that works during a non busy class. Classes have priority..

Benchmark Monday 
30 Clean and Jerks 135/95


30 Snatches 135/95

Extra Credit  
Row 400m
40 sit ups
Row 300m
30 Sit Ups
Row 200m
20 Sit Ups
Row 100m
10 SIt Ups

Sunday Feb 28

16.1 aftermath.  “Nap time”

We will allow open athletes to do 16.1 as space allows. Regular classes will have priority. The usual slow classes on weekends are 8 and 9.  If you are planning on getting 16.1 in please make sure you reach out to a judge. The coach running the class will not be able to do so…Same rules will apply to Monday. Mondays are usually very very busy so you may have to attempt to get it in in between classes. Good Luck. Week one is almost in the books

Posting your score- Remember you are responsible for submitting your own scores. Go to your athlete profile (where you registered) and click on submit score. Make sure you type in the judges name, rx or scaled and completed at affiliate. Once its submitted I will validate it. If you don not see your name after a couple of days please be patient. I have until Wednesday to validate scores. With 170 athletes and several doing workout multiple times, it takes me a little while.


2 Person Teams 
For time complete 
50 Cal Row
100 GS Box Jumps 24/20
150 KBS 1/1.5
200 Back Squats 95/65

Odd minute -A1 works A2 rests
Even minute – A2 works and A1 rests. 

Saturday Feb. 27th

 Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

  Open 16.1

*We will run heats from 8-12 with a hard stop at noon for crossfit kids. If there is anyone who still needs judged after crossfit kids we will run a heat after they finish. 

RX & Teen 16-17 

AMRAP x 20 mins

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge 95/65

8- Bar Facing Burpees

25ft. OH Walking Lunge

8- C2B Pull ups


*Masters 55+ & Teens 14-15

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge65/45

8- Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge65/45

8- Jumping Pull ups 



AMRAP x 20 mins

25 ft. Front Rack Lunges 45/35

8- Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. Front Rack Lunges

8- Jumping pull ups (bar 6″ from top of head to bar)


Scaled Masters 55+

AMRAP x 20

25 ft. Unweighted Lunge

8- Burpees

25 ft. lunges

8- Jumping pull ups 



Friday Feb. 26th

Open 16.1 


AMRAP x 20min

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge  95/65(8 OH Lunges)

8- Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. OH Walking Lunge (8 OH Lunges)

8- C2B Pull ups



AMRAP x 20

25ft. Front Rack Lunge 45/35

8- Bar Facing Burpees

25 ft. Front Rack Lunges

8- Jumping chin over bar pull ups 

Thursday Feb 25th


Open watch party starts 6-6:30. Workout 16.1 will be released at 7pm. We’ll saddle up and get it on. Love to have EVERYONE out to watch the release, watch and cheer on your team, or even jump in and tackle the workout yourself. Let’s pack the house and bring the energy. Speaking of Teams I will have them finalized by noon tomorrow. Some late bloomers signing up and a few dropping out. I’ll post the link on social media as soon as it’s finalized. 

CFK -5:30

Wednesday Feb 24th

4 RFT of
15 Power Snatches 
20 GS Box Jumps
25 II Unders 

RXD 95/65 24/20
BRXD 115/85 30/24
Fitness 75/55 Scale Box as Needed and 5-10 attempts ea rnd and 1:1 singles


Tuesday Feb 23rd

15:00 of 
Bench Press
15:00 of
Looking or 3Rep Max.

2-4-6-8-10-12 etc
Front Rack Lunges
Lateral Burpees
BRX 115/85
RXD 95/65
Fitness Choose load to stay moving 
This might look a little familiar. Several weeks back we did a FS version of this. It gets spicey