Wednesday Feb 25th

Concealed Carry class- The CC class is Saturday starting at 8am and running until around 4pm. It will be held at the Rogers Police Department (1905 South Dixieland Road)

2015 Open – Most everyone has seen the team rosters by now. Lets try and get a team name as soon as possible. Be smart when it comes to the workouts. If you are doing the open workout on Thurday nights I recommend taking at least Wednesdays off, or if you are doing them on Saturdays I’d take Fridays off. Remember don’t take the open too serious. Our goal is to have fun with others in our community. 

Thursday Night – Workouts will be released on Thursday nights at 7pm. Lets pack the house with a watch a party. Remember though if you are working out please be patient with heats. We will have as many athletes per heat as possible. In the past we have ran heats as late as 10pm. I know not many want to be working out that late. We’ll prevent it if possible.

For Time Complete
500m Row
40 Air Squats 
30 Sit Ups 
20 Push Ups 
10 Pull Ups


Back Squats