Wednesday Mar12th 2014

Remember watch party Thursday night at 7:00 for 14.3 wod release. Bring everyone you know. 
Also open athletes I need a little help. Please don’t make plans to do the open workout on Sunday during the 11:00 class as well as Monday during the 5:30 pm class. These classes are just too big and it gets very chaotic while trying to coach these classes. If you can’t make it Thursday night, Friday anytime, Saturday during heats, or early Sunday morning during slower classes, you will have to reach out to one of the coaches and a judge to help you out during off hours. I appreciate your help on this.  Bring on 14.3

Clean & Jerk
*Full squat or Power+FS

Power Clean (135, 95#)
Hand Release Push-up
Pull Ups

Cash Out
Row Max Calories