Saturday Aug 24th 2013

Yoga 7-8

CrossFit NWA Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser. Click on link below to meet Reid. 

Due to Reid’s illness he currently has to take daily:

* 26 pills a day
*1 hour on the vest machine that shakes him to loosen up everything in his ever lungs
*8 puffs of inhaled meds
*1 med nebulizer

2 Person Teams

6 RFT of
1 – 400M Team run carrying some type of suck (ie medball, vest, bar, KB, DB etc
*Represents the 1 hour everyday he is put into a vest machine and shaken
8 Thrusters (Choose load make it tough)
26 OH Lunges 55/45/35/25/15/10 pound plate (pick one)
*Representing how many times he has to inhale the medication a day
1 Rope Climb (Try legless, make it tough)
*Representing the use of the med nebulizer