Thursday Aug 15th 2013


Tuesday during one of the afternoon classes, a group of kids were screaming and yelling, pulling the floor up, turned over the table and was throwing chairs. This type of behavior is unacceptable. The kid’s room is a convenience for the parents. Please don’t ruin it for everyone. Remember the rules. Kids are required to stay in the kid’s room while you are working out. The only other option is at the table outside the room. This is an option only if your kid is reading and the television or others are a distraction. Kids are NOT to be allowed to run free inside or out. Also please clean up after your child if they bring food or drinks in. I appreciate your help with this matter.

Skill or Strength (your choice. go heavy or work speed)
Power Clean + Push Jerk+ Split Jerk


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MEUB BW Front Squat (*cleaned from floor)

Run 400m
50 Wallballs
Run 400m
35 Wallballs
Run 400m
15 Wallballs

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MEUB Jumping Back Squats (Strip your FS barbell)
Time cap 30:00

Score is time completed and total # of FS & BS.