Saturday July 20th 2013

HOA Announcement – I will be making an announcement a little before the 10:00 class about our plan for HOA and tryouts. If you are planning on trying out or interested in participating, you’ll learn how to go about it. If you can’t make it, no biggie. You can get with me or someone who did. 

Olympic Lifting Club – We will be meeting at 1:00 pm to establish a new 1RM Snatch and C&J. Time to show off all your hard work.

20:00 Establish Heaviest 2RM
Back Squat (no more than 10 sets)


2 Person Team WOD
AMRAP 10:00
max reps 
C&J 135/95
Run 200m

1 athlete will be performing C&J while 1 athlete will be running 200m. Score will be total number of C&J completed.