Tuesday June 18th 2013

 CrossFit isn’t just a fitness program. It’s a program that brings great people together. Together we suffer the same failures and weaknesses. We rejoice in each other’s small victories and we lend a hand and show support when needed. Well this is a time that I feel compelled to show one of our members that we all care. Some of you know Cathy Julius. She is a frequent flyer in the afternoon classes.  On December 2nd, 1992 Cathy gave birth to a beautiful baby girl “Sarah Avery”. As Sarah Avery grew she loved to play Ring Around Rosy and she loved sunflowers. On June 18th 1994 Sarah Avery became sick and unfortunately for Cathy and the rest of their family, God needed her more with Him. She passed due to an irreversible illness. Let us honor both Sarah Avery and Cathy today with this WOD.

Cathy set up a charitable foundation in honor of Sarah Avery. Anyone wishing to donate any amount of money to this foundation just give it to the trainer coaching and it will be handed over to Cathy. Thank you in advance

Buy In
12 Lunges
92 II Unders or Singles
DOB 12/2/92


6 RFT of :
18 Thrusters 75/55
18 Box Jumps 20”
16 Burpees

Passed 6/18 and was 18 months and 16 days old.