Monday May 6th 2013


The 13 Ways Olympic Weightlifting Is Like Life!
by Stephanie Vincent:

1) There are a ton of experts, who will all tell you their specific methods to do it. However,
there are actually few universal truths. The rest is just about which expert and which
method will work best for you.

2) It’s complicated. You’re going to have to triage what parts need to be fixed first before
the whole gets better.

3) Improvement starts with the desire to be better, however it only happens through
practice and dedication to the cause.

4) You will set personal records when you are completely in the moment, absent of fear, of
thought, and of ego.

5) You need the kind of people around you that will teach you, challenge you, support you
and generally help make you better at what you do.

6) There is ALWAYS something new to learn.

7) When it feels like we are getting worse, most of the time we are actually getting better.

8) Fear happens. The question is, do we let it stop us, or do we courageously move
through it and meet our potential?

9) Strength is paramount, but without technique we won’t get very far. Technique is about
efficiency, “the ability to achieve a desired result without wasted energy or effort.”

10) The amount of passion one has is directly correlated to both success and happiness.

11) You will fail a lot. You will make mistakes. You will drop the bar. You will have days
where you can’t do what you did yesterday. You will suck!.and it will make you
better!.so, so much better.

12) You will be better than someone and there will always be someone better than
you. Accepting your own current level of ability will take you further in getting better than
paying attention to anyone else’s abilities ever will.

13) You will have to change directions quickly. Get good at this, and things will go much

Power Clean


AMRAP 5:00
max reps Power Cleans  @ bw (women 70% bw)

Post highest load and number of reps and load used for score.