Thursday 120628

Incredible cycle gang. We averaged 200+ people everyday this cycle with triple digit temperatures. That speaks volumes about your commitment.

A lot of big numbers on deadlifts today as well as several 1st time handstand push ups.  Awesome job.

Construction on the new place started this week, but it looks like it’s going o take a little longer than hoped to get it finished. We initially hoped for Sept 1st. That’s probably not going to happen. Looking like closer to Oct 1st ish. However, I can assure you it’s going to be worth the wait.


Rest Day

I will be opening the gym up at 11 am and will keep it open until 6:30. This will be “Open Gym” format for those needing to practice for the up and coming throwdown. HOWEVER, the tennis academy athletes have priority between 2:30-3:30 and CrossFit Kids have priority between 4:30-6:00. You can still take equipment outside to complete and enjoy the heat since ALL of the throwdown wods will be outside.