Wednesday 110831

I hope everyone enjoyed their rest day and was able to recover from some tough WODs. If you did not get a chance to try the brownies I posted yesterday you are missing out. I highly recommend.

As you know I have been doing the programming for the last few months with certain goals in mind. September will be no different. This month we will spend a lot of time on O lifts. Whether as a strength component or in a metcon. Prepare to see some cleans, snatches, and jerks. We will be spending quit a bit of time fine tuning our faults. I am a firm believer that Olympic lifts are extremely beneficial and hit all 10 general physical skills of fitness. Ten General Physical Skills of fitness? Yes there are 10. In fact, I will give a free bag of Progenex Recovery to the first current CFNWA member that posts all 10 skills and their definition on the CFNWA’s facebook page. Good luck.


Skill Work
Burgener Warm Up
BB – Power Clean

Note the finishing position andthe straight arms of the 2011 “Spirit of the Games” winner Annie Sakamoto


Run 200 m                                  RX
1 Power Clean 135/95          155/115
1 C2B Pull Up
Run 200m
2 Power Cleans
2 C2B Pull ups
Run 200m
3 Power Cleans 135/95
3 C2B Pull Ups…

You will continue this rep scheme until you complete 10 and 10 of each.

Also the tryout WOD for the HOA competition is complete and posted at the gym. The dates for the tryouts are posted as well.
 Shout out to CrossFit ReviveR for coming up with the WOD. It looks brutal and covers all components of CrossFit. Thanks guys for your help….