Sunday 110828

What a brutal team WOD. Awesome work by all. There were some first times up the rope as well as some first encounters with Man Makers…Day one of the cycle is in the books.

You will see some new faces around in different classes as we had an On Ramp class graduate Saturday. Here is the class holding their WOD#1 times on Day 1 three weeks ago. The bottom number is the same WOD #1 times done again Saturday. Check out the improvement they made in just three weeks. Incredible job gang and welcome to the CFNWA family. Front row from left Kaylee, Brandi, and Kristen. Back row from left Ian, Hunter, and Wes.

Still looking at dates for the tryouts for competition in Springfield, MO. Possibly looking at Tuesday Aug 30 evening, Sept 4th Sunday afternoon after last classes (primary tryout), and the last make up day Wednesday Sept 7th. I will know more once I get the confirmed WOD from CrossFit ReviveR.

40 II Unders
20 K2E
10 Wallballs

Reminder we will be having an RX Only WOD at 1:00pm. The WOD will be:
5 Front Squats 185/135 (Cleaned from the floor)
26 Ring Push Ups

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