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Sunday 20110731

Amazing day at the 2011 CrossFit Games on Saturday. The world’s best fighting to advance to Sunday’s final. Among those best was our own Denny Hawkins who sat in 9th place heading into the final event Saturday. Denny needed 8th to advance to Sunday’s final. What we saw next was simply amazing. Denny came off the hand stand push ups in the middle of the pack and had a lot of ground to make up if he was going to advance on.

Denny pushed through almost every remaining movement without a break. Denny’s heart came out with superior strength. By the time the smoke cleared Denny was sitting in 6th place overall advancing to Sunday’s Finals!

As quick as Denny finished the last rep, he was cheering every remaing athlete on until they finished. Denny represents everything that is CrossFit. We are proud of you Denny and good luck Sunday. Leave Nothing!!!!


Sunday July 31

Run 500 m
50 Wallballs
Run 400
40 Wallballs
Run 300 m
30 Wallballs
Run 200 m
20 Wallballs
Run 100 m
10 Wallballs

Saturday 110730

Whats up gang?  The 2011 CrossFit Games is everything we expected.  The world’s best going head to head to see who will be crowned the fittest.  This is an amazing event and our own Denny Hawkins is deep in the hunt for his share.  Denny is a true champion and is showing his heart and determination by setting a PR on clean and jerk in yesterday’s second event for his division.  We are all very proud of him.  Please wish him luck as day two begins…

We apologize for the delay with updating the site and will try to update it as soon as there is an opportunity.  Thanks


AMRAP 25 min

10 deadlifts 95/65

7 hanging power cleans 95/65

5 push press 95/65

*7 squats everytime the bar hits the ground or is transitioned.

Compare to 02-05-11

Friday 110729

Rest Day

Good luck to Denny Hawkins today as he becomes the first Arkansan to compete in the CrossFit games. Denny you are an incredible athlete and person.

DO WORK!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday 110728

Great job gang with working through the heat during Wednesday’s WOD.  We noticed some very nice accomplishments with several unbroken deadlifts, II unders, and sit ups.  It’s been said your mind can move you when your limbs are too weak drive on.  We saw a lot of that Wednesday.  Nice work!!


Becky having a little fun with her sit ups….  




Corey and Nate not having so much fun with their sit ups……






10 rounds for time of:


15 box jumps  24/20

10 T2B


200m run


Wednesday 110727

The journey begins….   Our very own Denny Hawkins leaves for California and the 2011 CrossFit Games on Wednesday morning.  Denny has done an amazing job preparing his body and mind for this and all he needs now is our well wishes for victory and safe travels. 


Most of Denny’s opponents do not know him.  They do not know his strength of will or what’s in his heart and mind, but after this weekend they WILL remember him…..    Good Luck Denny!!


Denny Hawkins

CrossFit NWA

Men’s Masters Division 55-59

Age:  57

Height:  5’11

Weight:  185


Fran time:  4:34

Max pull ups:  43

2min. II unders:  160

Max deadlifts:  325

CF total:  700







5 rounds for time:


400m run

10 deadlifts  225/155

40  II unders

25 sit ups


“The power of the human will to compete and the drive to excel beyond the body’s normal capabilities is most beautifully demonstrated in the arena of sport.”  -Aimee Mullins

Tuesday 110726

Just a reminder to everyone so they can go to the CrossFit Northwest Arkansas Facebook page and post under “what CrossFit means to you?”  While you’re there, check out what people are saying.  Thanks to the ones that have shared already, there have been some really cool posts and it is amazing to see what CrossFit has done for so many and what it continues to do. 


Three days and counting until the 2011 CrossFit Games!!  They have posted the WOD’s for Denny’s division!  Please wish him luck and cheer him on as he continues to train hard for “the fittest on earth.”


During our recent question and answer session with CFNWA athlete Denny Hawkins we asked him to compare his skills..


CFNWA:  So, Denny, would you say you are a better welder or CrossFitter?

Denny:  (laughs)  Well, I can’t get any better as a welder, I’ve been doing it so long.  As a Crossfitter, well I can always improve!





Weighted Pull Ups





*AMRAP 12min

5 chest to bar pull ups

7 burpees

10 KB swings  2/1.5


*Compare to 01-11-11


“There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.”  -Aldous Huxley


Sean Humphreys, Clean and Jerk

Monday 110725

What does CrossFit mean to you?  Think about it for a second.  Is it a fitness program, hobby, community, friends, sport, stress relief, or maybe all of those things in one?  Do you CrossFit to “train to survive” like our motto says?  If so, survive what?  Perhaps you train to survive battle while at war, or survive the streets as a police officer, or maybe you battle fires for a living.  Maybe it’s none of that and you train to survive life or genetics that make you prone to certain medical conditions like diabetes, cardiac defects, or cancer.  Is it to dramatically increase physical and mental limits?

You commonly hear people say how addicting CrossFit is or how once you’ve drank the “Kool-Aid” you’re hooked, but why is that?  What is so powerful about CrossFit and why do you think it’s more than punching a clock at the gym and getting those hours in?  Go to CrossFit NWA’s facebook page and under the post “what does CrossFit mean to you” share your thoughts.  We would love to hear from as many as possible!!






Rest day


Open Gym

11:00am to 1:00pm


4:30pm to 6:30pm



CrossFit NWA recently asked 2011 CrossFit Games athlete Denny Hawkins what his favorite thing about CrossFit was.  Denny said the variety and unknown were his favorite things about doing CrossFit and how challenging it was.



Sunday 110724

Some good work with the team WOD today.  Good to see different teams and people mixing it up with their partners.  We saw some great strategies and plans working with each other’s strengths and weaknesses. 


Congratulations to the new graduating on ramp group under the instruction Coach Lacie!!  Make sure and welcome Matt, Shuman, Clinton, Chad, Amanda, and Anna to the group classes. 






Back Squat






Push Press  115/85

Ring Dips




Team WOD July 23

Saturday 110723

Good job to everyone who completed “Cindy” with a twist!!  Hats off to those who accepted the challenge and scaled up in weight.  You, the members of CFNWA, never cease to amaze with the strength of will, determination, perseverance, and ability to perform in the face of a challenging WOD.  Solid work.


We all have challenges and weaknesses to work on and overcome.  This is exactly what we asked CFNWA athlete Denny Hawkins recently during our question and answer session.


CFNWA:  What would you say your least favorite WOD is Denny?

Denny:  I would have to say any workout with Olympic lifting.  I really struggle with the technique and always have to work to get better. 


To the point of exhaustion and beyond……………..  

Denny Hawkins is no stranger to competition as he was on his way to taking first place for his division in this photo at the box competition in Allen, TX last year. 


For time:

2 Person Team Event

200m run

100 box jumps 24/20

200m run

100 KB swings  1.5/1

200m run

100 power snatch   75/55

200m run

100 med ball sit ups

200m run

100 burpees

200m run


Only one person working at a time.  The 200m runs can be split up in 100m each or one member can run the full 200m.


Friday 110722

Hope everyone enjoyed the rest day, but now it’s time to work!  We’re throwing together a twist with one of our benchmark girls….  Should be fun!! 




For time:


400m run


10 rounds of-

1 clean and jerk (power) Rx 165/125 or Rx-Up 185/135

*Cindy 5-10-15


400m run


*Cindy = 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 air squats




As we drive on through these tough WODs do you ever wonder how nutrition contributes to your performance?  It’s something to definitely think about as we burn a lot of calories during these WODs.  Proper nutrition will not only provide fuel for your day and CrossFit, but also aid in rest and recovery.  What if you were guarenteed to hit new PR’s, lose more body fight, build strength, and improve your overall health markers with some adjustments to your diet?  Would you make the adjustments?  Stay tuned for more information as time goes on regarding nutrition and CrossFit.


Speaking of nutrition, we recently asked CrossFit NWA athlete Denny Hawkins what he does for nutrition and if it’s any different now that he prepares for the 2011 CrossFit Games.


CFNWA:  So, Denny, are you a paleo guy, zone guy, or other?

Denny:  Probably other, but leaning toward Paleo as I eat lean meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds.  I don’t measure though and try to take in what my body feels like it needs.  Althouh, I do take in a lower amount of carbs than most CrossFit athletes probably do.  I’m going to keep eating the way I have been.