Tuesday 110621

Today we honored a fallen warrior. It was no doubt a brutal WOD and rightfully so. Thank you everyone who shed a little blood and suffered a little pain to honor “Badger”. May you RIP Mark Carter aka “Badger”. Thank you for your service.

Speaking of warriors please dont forget we are still collecting a dollar a day for the DHP. The shirts should be in this week. I will keep you posted on the details of the event as I get them.

5 Rounds Not for time
3 Deadlifts
Max reps of Handstand Push Ups (Guys will use 45# plates and an abmat for added depth. Females will be flat on floor no added depth)

During this workout you will load your bar with your 3 rep max weight. After completing your 3 lifts you will transition to HSPU and complete as many reps as possible without coming off the wall. Your feet must be inside your hand width. Your hands should be shoulder width or slightly outside of.

To score this workout you will post your deadlift load, HSPU reps, and wether they were strict (preferred) or kip for each round.