• Saturday December 20th

    530 PM putting in some work

    2 Person Teams Relay Format
    AMRAP 25:00
    5 Deads
    4 Hang Power Cleans
    3 Front Squats
    2 S2OH
    Loads RX1 135/95 RX2 115/85 RX3 105/75 

    During this wotkout only 1 athlete works at a time. Athlete 1 must complete 1 full round before athlete 2 can work. At any point if either athlete needs assistance there is a 3 ea burpee penalty.

  • Friday December 19th


    Chipper Friday 

    25 Alt Jump'n Lunges
    25 Pull Ups or Ring Rows
    50 Dubs or 25 attempts or 100 singles
    25 Wallballs
    25 GS Push Ups
    50 Dubs
    25 Medball Sq Scleans
    25 KBS 1.5/1
    50 Dubs
    25 Pistols or 50 Air Squats 
    25 HSPU or 50 BB S2OH 45#
    50 Dubs

  • Thursday December 18th

    Rest Day or Active Recovery/Mobility/ 

  • Wednesday December 17th

    Martell Brown

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of
    OHS 95/65
    TTB or SU
    Burpee GS Box Jumps 20" 
    KBS 1.5/1


  • Tuesday December 16th

    New CFNWA Tees are in 2 diff colors. In stock. Great Christmas gift.


    With the emom clock running complete 2 squats on even minutes 
    Back Squats 
    2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2 (85%-90% of 1RM)

    21 Power Snatches 95/65 75/55
    9 Pull Ups
    15 Power Snatches 
    15 Pull Ups
    9 Power Snatches 
    21 Pull Ups
    * Looking for a sprint here. target time 5:00 (give/take)

    Cash Out
    5:00 working on dubs. Everytime you break or miss do 2 burpees. If you have MU do 2 MU. 


  • Monday December 15th

    And they say it's a cult. 


    2 Position Clean (High Hang & Launch) + 1 Push Press
    **Stay fairly light here. This is a good warm up to part 2

    Conditioning/Mental Toughness
    With a running clock
    Death by Power Clean 
    Once you reach failure rest 3:00 and drop to the next load. Start back at 1 and go as far as you can. 

    CHALLENGE- Once you reach failure on your second set rest 3:00 drop to the next load and go again 

    Loads RX1- 185/135, RX2- 155/105, RX-3 135/95, RX4- 115/85, RX5-95/65 RX6- 75/55, RX7- 65/45, RX8- 45/35

  • Sunday December 14th

    Rest Day Closed-
    Enjoy some family time, watch some football, and enjoy a beverage. Work starts back Monday...

  • On Ramp

    Our next class will meet the week of:

    Dec 1-6 and December 15-20.

    Class will be held MWF @ 7pm, and Sat @ 12.

    Email jenn@crossfitnwa.com to reserve your spot!

  • Saturday Aug 9th

    2 Person Teams

    For Time Complete

    12 - 200m Relays - alternate team members running the 200m

    24 - S2OH 155/105 (Comp athletes 185/135)

    48 - Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

    96 - Wall Balls 20/14

    192 - II Unders

    One person working at a time. Post time as score.


  • Tuesday Aug 5th


    Still a few spots remaining. Please get signed up asap. If you struggle with movements like the clean and jerk, this is your ticket....

    Clean and Jerk time. You've all asked for it and now its time to get it done.

    "Double Grace"

    60 Clean and Jerks for time

  • Saturday July 26

    Saturday July 26

    CrossFit Kids will start at 11:00.

    See everyone for our in house competition that starts at 10:00am.

  • Friday July 11

    Rest day - Closed

    *On ramp class meets at 7pm

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