• Saturday Jan 31st

    Pretty awesome to see how this has grown in such a short time. 

    Have you signed up the Open yet?


    Rest Day 

  • Friday Jan 30

    -Saturday we will be closed for the women's self defense class.

    -CFK WILL still be from 12-12:45

    -We are currently 3rd worldwide and easily 1st in our region. This year is going to a ton of fun..


    20 Deads 135/95
    20 HSPU 
    15 Hang Power Cleans
    15 T2B
    10 S2OH
    10 Pull Ups
    5 Power Snatches
    5 Burpees 


  • Thursday Jan 29th

    Brief- Remember this Saturday is the women's only self defense class. Hours are 9-11 an 1-3



    Buy in 75 Dubs
    18-15-12 reps of
    Dips or GS Push Ups  *If you can MU into rings do so
    KBS 1.5/1
    Buy Out 75 Dubs 


    Establish 7 RM of 
    Back Squats 
    *2 attempts 

  • Wednesday Jan 28th

    2015 CF Open 

    Judges- We will be in need of a ton of judges this year. Requirements to be a judge are as follows: minimum of 1 year CF experience and judges course completed and certificate on file. For those athletes trying to get to that next level judges will need a minimum of 2 years of CF experience and judges course complete.

    Check out "Team CFNWA Open Forum" on facebook. Here you can ask questions and follow important information.

    If you are on the fence I encourage you to sign up. The "Team" format we are doing this year is going to be a blast.

    5 RFT of
    400m Run
    15 OHS 95/65

    100 reps not for time 
    *2 sets MEUB Muscle Ups or 2 sets of 10 Burpee Pull Ups

  • Tuesday Jan 27th

    Check out our facebook page "Team CFNWA Open Forum". Here we will asnswer any questions or concerns you have about the open. Experience something amazing. Regardless of your level. Sign up today. 

    We'll also be in need of judges. Take the judges course at games.crossfit.com. It'll make you a better CF'er.

    Active Recovery/Mobility/Make up

  • Monday Jan

    We are fastly approaching February and the Open. Our in house team comp is going to be Epic. Don't miss out. SIGN UP....


    10 Rnds each for time of:
    5 Thrusters 115/85 
    10 Pull-ups
    100 meter Sprint
    Rest 1 minute

    Post fastest and slowest time as well as total time as score  


  • Sunday Jan 25th

    Packed house all day yesterday. Love'n the energy


    30:00 to establish a heavy single or new 1RM
    Clean & Jerk
    *These can be any method Power,split, squat, but must be from floor

    5 Deadlifts 135/95 115/85  95/65
    5 Hang Power Cleans 
    5 Front Squats 
    5 Jerks

  • Saturday Jan 24th

    2 RFT of

    RUN 200m
    20 Wallballs
    20 Sit Ups

    REST 2:00

    2 RFT of
    40 II's
    15 C&J (Grace)  135/95
    15 Push Ups

    REST 2:00
    2 RFT of
    10 Power Sn 135/95
    10 Lateral Burpees

  • Firday Jan 23rd


  • Thursday Jan 22nd

    3-4 person teams
    Row 300m
    20 Air Squats 
    15 KB Sumo DL High Pull 2/1.5  1.5/1
    10 TTB
    5 HSPU

    This is a relay style format. Athlete 1 will start on row. Once athlete 1 reaches KB athlete 2 may start on row. No more than 2 athletes can be working at the same time. What this means if athlete 1 gets stuck on HSPU and athlete 2 catches athete 1 athlete 3 must wait until 1 finishes before he/she can start. Looking for UB sprints here or as close as possible. 


  • Wednesday Jan 21st

    3 RFT of 
    7 Deadlifts 315/205, 275/185, 225/155
    5/3 Muscle Ups
    300M Run (300 Row 0r 50 Dubs)

    Core (Not for time)
    100 core

  • Tuesday Jan 20th

    Alright gang it's that time of year. Time to have some fun. We will be doing things a little different this year vs years past. This year we will be having our own in house competition in conjunction with the main open for those who are trying to make ot to the next level. A lot is still undetermined due to some of the scoring and rules not being relesed yet, but in a nut shell here's what's happening:

    I will select team captains and from there teams will be established. There will be no in house "Super teams" so to speak. I will ensure teams are fairly organized. Depending on the number of athletes we have sign up for the open (which I hope is everyone) a captain will have "x" number of athletes both rx and scaled. Each week we will take the top 3 guys and top 3 girls scores (again rx and scaled) and your team will be scored based on those numbers. We will have weekly winners along with and over podium at the end of the Open.

    There is still a lot to be decided and I will keep you posted as I have answers. For now heres how to get started. Go to the games website (www.crossfit.com on the left tab click on games then register). It will prompt you to associate with an affiliate. We are registered as CrossFit NWA.  Stay Tuned.....More info coming soon... I promised we will have a blast.

    Front Squats


    8 Push Press 135/95 125/85   115/75
    8 GS Box Jumps 24/20 

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