• Wednesday July 29th

    Jason Boze before and 52 pounds less after. Awesome job Jason

    1 Power Clean + 1 Push Press+ 1 Push Jerk *climbing

    5 Burpees
    10 OHS 95/65
    35 II Unders 

  • Tuesday July 28

    Our Champion

    5 Pull Ups
    10 Push Ups
    15 Air Squats 
    EMOM 1 DB Squat Snatch (choose load)

  • Monday July 27th

    The CFNWA comunity could not be more proud of Denny and his performance at the games this week. He showed the desire to win, the killer instinct, and true sportsmandship. I could not be more proud to call him a friend and a big part of the CFNWA family.  Congrats Denny. We all love you...



    “The Bear Complex”

    5 Rounds of:

    7 Sets of each sequence

    Power Clean

    Front Squat

    Push Press

    Back Squat

    Push Press

    Rest as needed between rounds. *Work up to HEAVIEST set



    1 round

    400 M Row

    40 Squats

    30 Sit Ups

    20 Push Ups

    10 Pull Ups




  • Friday July 24th

    Denny being Denny and showing true sportmanship. Such an awesome guy....


    EMOMx15 Snatch climbing
    Min 1-5 = 2 Snatches from High Hang *choice squat/split/power
    Min 6-10= 1-2 Snatches from Launch (1 inch above knee) *choice split/power/squat
    Min 11-15 = 1 Snatch from floor *heavy as possible 


    5 L Pull Ups
    10 TTB
    15 Goblet Squats *KB or DB 53#/35# 

  • Thursday July 23rd

    Denny crushing wod 4. Here's Denny times for Thursday. 

    12:40-13:00 Sandwich
    15:00-18:00 TBA


    2 Muscle Ups
    4 HSPU
    8 KBS 70#/53#

  • Wednesday July 22nd

    Big shout out and congrats to Denny for an awesome showing on Day 1. Keep up the good work Denny. Leave Nothing 

    WOD Rest Day
    Open Gym 11-1
    Open Gym 5:30-7:00

  • Tuesday July 21st

    Denny Hawkins schedule for the games. These are Cali times so we are 2 hours ahead.
    10:15-10:30 Triplet
    13:20-13:30 Thruster
    15:50-16:00 SQT

    11:05-11:30 Chipper
    15:45-16:00 Double hanger

    10:40-11:00 Sandwich
    13:00-17:00 TBA

    We will be streaming the games on the big screen cheering our man on. Feel free to join us


    Back Squat
    2-2-2 climbing

    1 1/4 Front Squats
    2-2-2 climbing

    21-15-9 reps of
    Deadlifts 22/155

  • Friday July 17th

    5 RFT of
    12 Pull Ups
    12 Burpees
    12 Wallballs 20/14 @ 10'
    Run 400m

  • Thursday July 16th


    50 Air Squats 
    40 Push Ups
    30 OH Lunges 45/25 plate
    20 TTB
    10 Pistols
    5 MU 


  • Wednesday July 15th


    When one of our own was mourning the loss of her child, another CF cummunity her about it and jumped on board to show their support. Now it's our turn. CrossFit Xtra Mile did a memorial workout. Let's return the favor and show our support. Here's the story.....

    "Clay was born on 7/14/1993 and weighed only 5lbs 10oz. He was called little guy his entire life! He might have been small, but he was the strongest person I knew. He was strong mentally, emotionally and physically. Everything that Clay did, he did with heart and always gave 110%.

    Corey Lewis and CrossFit played a huge part in Clay’s life. He started training with Corey back in 2010. They quickly became good friends. His goals at that time were to get stronger, both physically and mentally, and also become faster and more agile for the next baseball season. Needless to say, like all of us, he fell in love with CrossFit. The changes in him were phenomenal!

    On February 21st, 2012, Clay was killed in an automobile accident - completely shattering my whole world. Shortly after Clay’s accident, Corey reached out to me and my family with an invite to attend a WOD in honor of Clay and to help raise money for a memorial scholarship we had started at St. John Vianney High School. I attended the event with a very heavy heart. I was unable to participate in the WOD that night because I was so out of shape. I walked out that night making a promise to myself - I would never let another birthday or angel day pass without honoring my son with his WOD. So a couple weeks later, I joined CrossFit Xtra Mile! You see - CrossFit does this funny thing; it makes you want to be a better person. It made me want to be better and stronger for Clay.

    I am extremely thankful for Corey and my Xtra Mile family. They help me live a stronger life. Now all of my WODs are in honor of Clay.

    Thank you all for taking the time to remember my Clay! The CrossFit community is so awesome!"

    -Heather Pfeiffer



    AMRAP 18 minutes

    2 Muscle Ups 

    21 one arm DB snatch (55/35)

    12 Burpee Box Overs (24/20)


  • Tuesday July 14th

    Rest Day 
    Open Gym 11-1
    Open Gym 5:30-7

  • Monday July 13th


    comic relief *skip to 4:45 for the longest deadlift attempt

    "CF Total"

    Back Squat 
    Shoulder Press

    *Cash Out 
    For Time
    1k Row

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