• Thursday Oct 27th



    18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of
    OHS 95/65

  • Wednesday Oct 26th


    EMOMx17 climbing
    Min 1-5 1 Power Clean + 1 Front Squat+ 1 Jerk
    Min 6-10 1 Squat Clean Thruster
    Min 11-7 1 Clean & Jerk *Heavy as possible

    50-40-30-20-10 reps of
    II Unders
    Sit Ups

  • Tuesday Oct 25

    Rest Day 

    CLOSED  No Open gym. 

  • Monday Oct 24

    Box News- Until they pave the back parking lot or they get the mess cleaned up, the back door will remain locked. If you park in the back please use front door. The back door will be exit only. -LK

    Tuesday we will be closed instead of open gym. Again NO OPEN GYM. 


    "Run BMC"

    200m Run

    1 Round of Badger:

    20 Pull-ups

    30 Push-ups

    40 Sit-ups 

    50 Air Squats

    400m Run

    2 Rounds of Mary:

    5 Handstand Push-ups

    10 Pistols

    15 Pull-ups

    600m Run

    3 Rounds of Cindy:

    5 Pull-ups

    10 Push-ups

    15 Air Squats

    800m Run

    -compliments of BBB

    Run 200m
    10 Pull Ups
    20 Push Ups
    30 Sit Ups
    40 Squats

    Run 300m
    2 rnds of
    5 HSPU/DB OH Press/Pike
    10 Pistols or 20 Air Squats
    15 (S) Pull Ups/Ring Rows

    Run 400m
    3 rnds of
    5 (S)Pull Ups/Ring Rows
    10 Push Ups
    15 Air Squats

    Run 500m

  • Sunday Oct 23

    10 rounds for time of:

    7 sumo deadlift high pulls 95/65

    7 front squats, 95/65

    7 push jerks, 95/65

    7-10 rounds
    7 SDLHP 75/55
    7 FS
    7 Push Jerks

  • Saturday Oct 22

    In House Competition
    Athlete Check in 8-8:30
    WOD Briefing 8:30
    WOD#1 kicks off 9:15

    **Remember this is for fun. Highly unlikely any grid or games scouts will be there looking for the next Rich Froning. This is a time to bring your families, loaded coolers, lawn chairs and come cheer on your favorite athletes. 

    WOD#1 Max Load of complex 8:00

    3 Conventional Deadlifts
    1 Hang Power Clean
    2 Front Squats

    1 45# BB
    1 35# BB
    collars must be used
    8:00 cap

    1. Athletes MUST tag hands every time they switch
    2. Once the complex starts It must be UB.
    3. Barbells start empty. Only one athlete lifts at a time, but everyone can help load
    4. Athlete must declare load

    WOD#2 Holding on for Dear Burpees 8:00 (4:00/4:00)
    Pull Up Bar
    Box 24/20
    Medball 14/10

    A1 will hang from pull up bar while A2 completes as many burpee box jumps as possible. If A1 looses grip and/or comes down athletes MUST rotate regardless of how little time on bar. RX athletes (I know who you are) will hold medball between feet while hanging. Must tag hands at sound of rotate. Step ups are allowed for all athletes.

    score is total number of Burpee Box Jumps

    WOD#3 Clean & Jerk 8 minutes to establish 1RM
    all 4 athletes any style clean and jerk is permitted. CF standards not oly comp apply
    only 1 athlete lifts at a time. Athletes may help load barbells. Lifter must declare load

    1 45# BB
    1 35# BB
    collars must be used
    score is combined loads

    WOD#4“Hillary vs Trump” 8:00 total (4:00/4:00)
    Teams will choose which 2 athletes work together and does what loads
    2 Athletes will complete as many power snatches as possible in 4 min at 75/55
    “Rotate” command will be given. After a hand tag the other 2 athletes must switch out loads for the remaining 4 min of Power Snatches at 95/65 score is total number of reps

    WOD#5“Rowing Dirty”
    Relay style
    Each athlete will row 500m and complete 75 II Unders or 150 singles
    A1 will begin on rower. Once A1 reaches 500m he/she moves on to the rope while A2 moves to rower. Only one athlete can be on a station at a time. Meaning A2 must wait until A1 is finished with rope before moving on and A3 must wait until A2 is off rower.

    Score is total time

    WOD#6 “Running Scared”
    1 mile run (split anyway between athletes with only 1 running at a time)
    sled pull (+45#) down 10 burpees sled pull back 10 burpees hand tag teammate
    sled pull (+90#) down 10 burpees sled pull back 10 burpees hand tag teammate
    sled pull (+135#) down 10 burpees sled pull back 10 burpee hand tag teammate
    sled pull (+180#) down 10 burpees sled pull back 10 burpees TIME….

    score is total time

  • Friday Oct 21

    Rest Day - Closed

    In House Comp- If you are still interested in competing Saturday and was able to put a last minute team together show up ready to rock and row. $125 gets you in the action, food, and hopefully a shirt. We ordered some extra but not many.    Currently there are 16 teams.

    Spectators be sure and dress and bring something you could workout in. We "may" have some spectator wods. BYOB, lawn chairs, and whatever else you wanna bring. It's gonna be a blast. 

  • Thursday Oct 20th


    5 Pull Ups
    10 Push Ups
    15 Air Squats
    20 II Unders

  • Wednesday


    AMRAP x17
    3 Hang Power Cleans 135/95
    3 HSPU
    6 HPC
    3 HSPU
    9 HPC
    3 HSPU
    12 HPC
    3 HPSU  
    continue for as possible until time runs out

    Same rep scheme      
    modify as needed                                                                                               

  • Wednesday Oct 19


    3 Hang Power Clean 155/85
    3 HSPU
    6 Hang Power Clean
    3 HSPU
    9 Hang Power Cleans
    3 HSPU etc until time expires

    3 HPC
    3 Pike / or OH Press
    3 HPC
    6 Pike / or OH Press
    3 HPC
    9 Pike or OH Press

  • Wednesday Oct 19th


    Every 90 seconds complete
    1 Clean and Jerk
    @ 15:00 switch to
    1 Snatch
    Climbing Heavy as possible

    For time complete
    100 KBS 1.5 or
    Row 2000m


  • Tuesday Oct 18

    Box News-

    Absolute final day to get signed up for the in house competition. Deadline is 5pm today

    Effective Immediately - We can no longer allow small children or infants on the floor during class. This includes carseats, strollers, playpens etc. There have been some voiced concerns not to mention the huge liability this is. The safety of our members/family comes first. Some option may be to rotate with the spouse which I know a ton of ppl already do. One wod at one class while other parent hangs out with the little then they rotate. Or you could post on our community page to see if anyone would be willing to help out. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please understand the importance of their safety.

    Front Squats
    3@83%, 3@87%, 3@ 93%
    Back Squats
    Same as FS

    Run 200m
    21 Thrusters 95/65
    21 Pull Ups
    Run 200 Meters
    15 Thrusters 95/65
    15 Pull Ups
    Run 200m
    9 Thrusters 95/65
    9 Pull Ups

    Front Squat 3x3 climbing moderate-heavy
    Back Squats same as FS

    Run 200
    21 Thrusters
    21 Ring Rows or Scaled PU
    Run 200m
    15 Thursters
    15 Ring Rows or scaled PU
    Run 200
    9 Thrusters
    9 Ring Rows or scaled PU

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