Thursday Sept 5

5:30pm all ages

AMRAP 10/12 minutes
5 overhead lunges
10 push ups
15 knees to elbow
200m run

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1. Diah wrote:
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Fri, April 11, 2014 @ 8:00p36

2. wrote:
Double Slip-Step DrillWe ve all heard the importance of split stepping before we move to our shot. But how exactly do you split step, why is it so important to our footwork and what is the Double Split-Step Drill? 1. What is the Split-Step?When a coach asks you to Split-Step they are asking you to plant your toes in the ground and widen your stance. This represents the beginning of the shot you are about to move to and hit. 2. How do I Split-Step Properly?To Split-Step properly you must give a slight hop forward, plant your toes into the ground and widen your stance, which lowers your center of gravity for more explosive movement if needed. 3. What is the Double Split-Step Drill?The key to a good Split-Step is the timing. You want to have your feet grabbing onto the ground as you see the ball coming to you, so that are you ready to shift your weight onto either foot and move in any direction.The faster the ball travels the more difficult it is to time the Split-Step correctly. When you watch a great mover like Rafael Nadal Move to a difficult ball on the run you will notice that he does not necessarily Split-Step just once like you would want to, but that he does a Double Split-Step to adjust to the difficult timing of the shot. You will see this especially on a Clay surface where footwork becomes even more important.To practice the Double Split-Step have your coach feed you one shot on the run where you don t know which direction the ball is going to go. Rather than trying to time the Split-Step perfectly in one hop and split, give a second Split-Step right after the first so you can adjust and your movement will be quicker and more explosive.You can also have one player hit an overhead and the other player do a Double Split-Step before he goes to chase down the overhead. Best of Luck -Alex Anselme

Sun, April 13, 2014 @ 8:00p28

3. wrote:
Situation Training for Tennis Athletes:Many time as coaches we focus on just the technical portion of strokes which is is important of course, but only important as the situation defines.Try to train to your situation:A Doubles Tennis example:How do I setup my partner at the net?1. Serve Placement *Angle *CenterGoal: The goal would be to experience serving from doubles positions and placing the serve in the correct spot to setup your partner to execute a finishing shot. The Serving Team must practice communication (server to let partner know where the 1st serve is intended to be placed) by signal or talking.Teaching Tips:*accurate toss to make placement easier.*Server and Partner Recovery after serve hit* Communication, communication, communicationThis is an example of 1 practice session, this theme would be expanded over 4-5 weeks, from each player s perspective and the appropriate response.Server- placement of serveServer partner- position and execution of shotreturner- send the return to the appropriate spacereturner partner- position based where the return has been hit.As you can see from 1 situation we can learn a lot and a myriad of different shots and positions that we can work on.This should get your thought process working!Train the situation!Alec HortonDirector of TennisCathedral Oaks Athletic Club

Fri, April 18, 2014 @ 8:00p48

4. wrote:
Hi Mike. I stumbled on your blog by looking up stuff on cross fit. Was at a friends house last night who is a 2 time Iron Man (she s now preg with #3) and she mentioned cross fit. Peaked my interest and I m wanting to try. A newly single woman back to work with 1 two legged kid and 2 four legged kids I ve gotten out of my exercise routine bad is an understatement. I ve seen all my muscles turn to a bowl of mashed potatoes. I m a Dir. of Marketing, so I sit A LOT! I v decided enough and want to get back to my running (up to 10 miles on long runs) and weight training (I was an avid P90X user). I m up to about 3 -4 mile runs and I m not yet doing any strenght training. My main problem is that P90X takes over an hour and right now I don t have that, (btw leaving job this summer to move back to GA to start a farm! All natural produce, grass fed beef and free range chickens eggs) I m looking for short amounts of time (max 30 min on strength training) and the most kick a$$ workout possible. I don t belong nor do I want to belong to a gym. So what I basically have are dumb bells and me. Any ideas suggestions?Thanks a bunch!!! LOVE THE SITE!!!

Tue, April 22, 2014 @ 8:00p11

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