Saturday Aug 24th 2013

Yoga 7-8

CrossFit NWA Cystic Fibrosis Fundraiser. Click on link below to meet Reid. 

Due to Reid's illness he currently has to take daily:

* 26 pills a day
*1 hour on the vest machine that shakes him to loosen up everything in his ever lungs
*8 puffs of inhaled meds
*1 med nebulizer

2 Person Teams

6 RFT of
1 - 400M Team run carrying some type of suck (ie medball, vest, bar, KB, DB etc
*Represents the 1 hour everyday he is put into a vest machine and shaken
8 Thrusters (Choose load make it tough)
26 OH Lunges 55/45/35/25/15/10 pound plate (pick one)
*Representing how many times he has to inhale the medication a day
1 Rope Climb (Try legless, make it tough)
*Representing the use of the med nebulizer

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1. Nadoura wrote:
Wow such great progress! You may rmemeber the sleep problems we had with Evie some are still there but a lot of the intital night-waking and wanting a bottle (I used to make two to take to bed with me) passed when we switched from dairy to soya formula. May be different for your girl but I thought I'd mention it

Wed, September 4, 2013 @ 8:00p18

2. car insurane quote wrote:
I too am sickened that ANYONE who has seen SMA in action and the effect it has on both the child and the families could even have such a vicious thought enter their sphere of consiousness. Andy was one of the toughest little fighters I will ever have the honor of meeting or calling family, no one fought harder to try to save him than Alan and Audra nor could they have done more in their circumstances and the hand they had been dealt, and for that I know Andy is very proud and when the most difficult choice came at the end Andy took the necessity for them to make that final decision away and made it for them, while we all held him as he decided to leave. The only thing I can think (not having read the post) is that this woman is so angry at her situation and the helplessness she feels that she wants to lash out at anyone, perhaps because she feels she should go the road of palliative care but doesn t have the courage and is angry with herself. I don t know but really SMA is the problem here and all families concerned need to support each other REGARDLESS of whether you agree with their choices or not. Thats my thinking anyway.

Thu, September 19, 2013 @ 8:00p11

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