Looking to improve your Olympic Lifting, Gymnastics, conditioning, or any other aspect of your training? We are now offering private sessions . If you are interested please contact Lee (text 644-8108) for North location, and Jerry (text 479-842-8915) for South location. You can request any specific coach. Most sessions will be $50 per hour paid to the coach at the time of service.

You can buy 1 at a time or a package. Coaches will schedule sessions and provide you drills to work.

 Lee Kelly Head Coach/Owner
 $75.00 for one session or a package of 5 sessions for $250. For the package deal you will be given weekly homework to work on your specific issues, drills, video feedback and updates.

 Josh $50.00 per hour

 Evan Morris $50.00 per hour

 Jim Malec $50.00 per hour


 Jerry Kelly 479-841-8915

 Omar Alonzo (pic coming soon) $50.00 per hour

 Jason Nutt (pic comin soon) $50.00 per
 Jason Nutt