• Equipment Upgrade

Equipment Upgrade



2018 Rate increase/Equipment Fund

For 2018 we will have two options for the rate increase. Option A is $5 per month added to your membership. Option B (which is the preferred method) is a one time $50 payment, which will go into an equipment fund and be utilized to buy new equipment for the gym. The fee is $50 per member not to exceed $100. If you have a family membership with 4 people, your payment will be $100. Your payment will be due before your first draft for 2018. Please utilize this link to transfer your money vs asking Jenn to just draft it. It has to be a different fund for tax purposes. Listed are just some of the items we will be purchasing

2-3 Assault Bike
10 Mens Barbells
10 Womens Barbell
30 Wallballs various weights
20 Abmat w extended protector
Bumper Plates of various sizes
Dumbbells various weights
Foam Rollers
CrossOver Symmetry
Jerk Block
Barbell collars