Saturday Aug 12, 2017

Ladies only WOD / Lulu swap from 9 to 11 am. We will have a fun WOD programmed, and will work on fun stuff like yoke carries and prowler push!

August 29-31, 2014

The first annual Mid America Championship will be held in Bentonville, Arkansas from August 29-31, 2014.

Incorporating gymnastics, Olympic weightlifting, plyometric and other functional fitness movements, the Mid America Championship will challenge competitors to test the limits of their agility, accuracy, speed, stamina, strength, and mental fortitude.Scaled, Rx, Pro, and Team divisions will offer athletes of all skill levels the opportunity to push themselves beyond their limits. Top competitors will compete for $20,000 in prizes.

May 26 10-2pm

Wounded Warrior Fundraiser will be held at Memorial Park in Bentonville.
 There will be food, live music, and jump houses for the kids. Please bring a side dish and refreshments.
 $20 to participate in the WOD. T-Shirts will be available for purchase. All proceeds go to the Wounded Warrior Projects. Donations are WELCOMED!
 We hope to see everyone there for this important cause: meeting the needs of severely injured service members. "The greatest casualty is being forgotten."

October 29, 2011 12:00
 Mobility Clinic with Dr. Scott Bennington and Maximum Performance Chiropractic

Dr Bennington will host a mobility clinic, cost is $25 per person.Learn the benefits of mobility and how to perform to your “Max”. CrossFit athletes train daily like professional athletes. We should be treating and taking care of our bodies as such.There will be door prizes…..

September 11, 2011
 Free Nutritional Clinic

This Sunday September 11, 2011 come join us at CrossFit NWA for a free nutritional clinic to learn about all the in and outs of zone, paleo, and other best practices when it comes to putting food into our bodies for optimized performance and healthy living.You will not want to miss this excellent opportunity to learn the answers to this popular topic.See you then.

August 6, 2011
 “The Disposable Heroes Project”
 Saturday August 6, 2011 CrossFit NWA will proudly host “The Disposable Heroes WOD” to raise money and awareness for our countries wounded warriors.Sgt. Brad McKee, founder of The Disposable Heroes Project, will be onsite to join us and numerous athletes from all around to complete this grueling WOD in honor of our fallen and wounded warriors.CrossFit 540, CrossFit Fayetteville, Rock City CrossFit, CrossFit 413, and CrossFit Conway will all be in attendance as well to show their support.Food, drink, and party will follow to celebrate!!Come join us as this will be an EPIC event…All athletes are welcome to join and participate.100% of the proceeds go to this great movement.For more information check outwww.thedisposableherosproject.comand see the flyer below!!

July 29, 2011 to July 31, 2011
 2011 CrossFit Games – Home Depot Center
 Carson, California
 It’s time to crown the fittest on earth at the 2011 CrossFit Games and one of CrossFit NWA’s own athletes is there in sunny California to make his mark.Denny Hawkins has earned a spot among the CrossFit elite to compete at the 2011 games in the men’s masters division.Check the CrossFit NWA facebook page for updates as the weekend progresses and tune into ESPN3 for coverage.A few of us will be out there to cheer Denny on and we will provide updates as well.Good Luck Denny!!!

May 21st, 2011
 Disposable Hero Project
 We are scheduled to host this fundraiser on August 6th. This is an incredible organization and Im proud to be able to be a part of it Some things we are doing to raise money will be the garage sale on June 11th. Please get involved in this.Allmoney made will be donated to DHP. Also starting June 1st I will place a bucket at the door and ask everyone to donate a dollar a day to workout. It's not too early to start collecting money. Flyers are on their way to get the word out...More to follow.

 May 21st, 2011
 The wods have been announced Click on the link to check them out.Wewill start the competition Friday. If our team is in the top10 at the end of Saturday we will compete Sunday as well.Wish us luck.....

 May 10th, 2011
 The team representing CrossFit NWA at regionals will be Jeremy Kochis, Ben Well, Wes Allen, Kristen Smith, Lacie Hewlett, and Bailey Kelly. Also qualifying for regionals is Leah Platz. Solid athletes going to Chicago Memorial Day weekend. Congrats gang for a solid performanc at Open Sectionals

 May 3rd, 2011
 Open Sectionals
 Well the results are in and look to be final. Awesome job by all the athletes. You guys and girls definately made a name for CFNWA. Thank you so much for all the hard work. Below is the results:

 CrossFit NWA 2nd in North Central Region and 21st Worldwide

 Kristen Smith 8th in region 57th worldwide
 Lacie Hewlett 13th region 108 worldwide
 Bailey Kelly 32nd region
 Megan Drews 34th region
 Leah Platz 44th region
 Lauren Lewis 123rd Region
 Salinda Young 138th region
 Shannon Snow 247th region

 Denny Hawkins 4th worldwide (Masters 55-60)QUALIFIES TO THE 2011 GAMES..CONGRATS DENNY
 Russell Holt 59th worldwide (Masters 50-55)
 Wes Allen 23rd region
 Ben Wells 57 region
 Jeremy March 69 region
 Jeremy Kochis 77th region
 Lee Kelly 102 region
 Jerry Kelly 110 region
 Jonathan Smith 123 region
 Sean Drews 284th region
 Walker Thompson 294 region
 Jeremy Pittman 400 region
 Tye Parker 515 region
 Blake Parker
 Colby Miser DNF (Military)
 JP Bennett DNF (Rhabdo)

March 28th 20011
 Open Sectionals
 We will be doing WOD #2 Thursday 11:00-1:00 and Thursdaynight5:15- 7;15pm. This will be one of 2 chances to complete the WOD. We will also be doing the WOD Saturday at 4:00pmin the same format as WOD#1. Please bring everyone you know to support you.

 March 26th, 2011
 Open Sectionals
 Next WOD will postMarch 29th. We will host Saturday April 2nd 2011 at 4:00pm.

 March 16, 2011
 Open Sectionals
 I encourage everyone to sign up to compete. I definately would like to see EVERYONE there Saturdays to cheer on the athletes. Show your support and cheer on your favorite athlete. We will have some food, beers, andcheers, afterwards. Hope to see everyone there this Saturday at 4:00pm.
 March 12, 2011
 Open Sectionals
 We are 3 days away from the first WOD being posted. Make sure you get signed up as an individual and also submit a request tojoin CFNWA'sTeam. YouHAVEto sign up on the games website ( to be eligible for the open. I will post the day and time for the only other time we will host the WOD. Meaning if you have drill or are unable to attend Saturday, we are going to schedule another time to comlpete the WOD during the week (probably Thursday). Stay tuned. More to follow. Good luck athletes..........

March 5th 2011
 Open Sectionals

 The 2011 CrossFit Games Open begins on Saturday March 19that CrossFit NWA! The 2011 CrossFit Games Open will select regional competitors using an “Open Sectional” format. Starting on Tuesday March 15th, a workout will be announced each week for six weeks. The following Saturday CrossFit NWA will host a Sectional Qualifier for that workout. This year the CrossFit Games Open allows any affiliate to host a “sectional style” event for each qualifying WOD, and that’s exactly what we’re doing!
 Athletes will complete the workout under the supervision and judging of CrossFit NWA trainers and other qualified judges. Athletes will then submit their scores to the 2011 CrossFit Games Open website and CrossFit NWA will verify them.
 Final details on the Open Sectional have yet to be announced by CrossFit HQ. However, you can be assured of a few things:
 CrossFit NWA will offer the qualifying workout each Saturday at 4 PM. CrossFit NWA will “opt-in” each week as a qualifying affiliate to validate your score.The qualifier will be run like a competition, not a regular WOD. There will be no group warm up, skill work, or mobility work. Athletes will warm up on their own before their heats.Competitors will be required to register each week in order to participate. Visiting athletes are welcome to participate in the qualifier by paying a $10 registration each week. You can register by dropping in and signing up each week or via e mail.Spectators are welcome to come watch, cheer, and support, but should not register unless they plan to compete or volunteer. No fee for spectators, of course.We need volunteers! If you are willing to help with scoring, equipment, parking, and a myriad of constantly varied tasks then please. But please do not register as both a competitor and volunteer.Registration will be limited to 50 competitors each week, so register early to secure your spot.Each week after the WOD is announced by CrossFit HQ we will announce the WOD on teams qualify for regionals this year based on placement of their individual team members. Therefore, any athlete wishing to compete on the CFNWA affiliate team must compete as an individual in the Sectional workout each and every week.We take consistency in judging seriously. Each athlete will be assigned an individual judge for his workout. All judges will attend a judges meeting each week to discuss the WOD, ranges of motion, and rep/no rep requirements. Judges will receive another final brief each Saturday morning and receive pre-formatted score cards for each competitor. Arguing with your judge about a rep will not be tolerated.All athletes will be briefed on ranges of motion, rep/no rep requirements, and scoring prior to the workout..Each week’s qualifier will be a fun, supportive, and fair atmosphere for completing your qualifying WOD
 March 3rd, 2011
 Open Sectionals
 We are 10 days away from the first sectional WOD being posted. We are still planning on hosting all six WODS. All will be Saturday at 4:00 at CF NWA. With that being said I will need every outside athelete (not CF NWA member forwe will have a sign up sheet)that is going to attend to send me an e mail every week stating your intent. This will help me get an accurate head count of how many athletes and the number of judges I will need. Please bare with me as this is obviously our first time at hosting such an event. MORE TO COME.....

February 15th 2011
 We are 30 days away from "Open Sectionals". I encourage everyone to come in and complete the wods. CF NWA is planning hosting each weekly posted WOD (if approved by HQ) on Saturdays at 4:00 pm. Thiswill be open to the public or other CrossFitters wanting to get their workout certified. I will update everyone on the details as I get them.....TheGames are upon us..

February 15th, 2010
 CrossFit TNT Competition:
 Congrats to all the competitors that went to St Louis last weekend and conpeted. Team 1 finished 2nd (4 reps back) and Team 2 finished 3rd. It was incredible to take two RX teams andhave bothfinish that well. Awesome work gang.In the individuals Lauren finished2nd, Robyn was 6th, Alexis 7th, and Shannon 8th. Jonathan and Chad finished 11th and 12th.Solid work by all.

January 25th 2011
 Results of the tryouts. Awesome job by all. Solid work.
 Men/Points Women/Points
 Ben 13Lacie 14
 Jerry 19Megan 14
 Jeremy K. 21Kristen 17
 Wes 21Bailey18
 Jeremy M. 22 Leah29
 Sean 25 Salinda 35
 Chad M. 27 Robyn 39
 J. Smith 31 Alexis 40
 Walker T. 40 Lauren 40
 Nick H. 46 Shannon 49

 Team 1 RX
 Ben, Jerry, Jeremy K., Lacie, Salinda, Kristen

 Team 2 RX
 Jeremy M, Wes, Sean, Bailey, Megan, Leah
 Conrats everyone......

January 22 2011
 In case you missed it, what an incredible job everyone did at the tryouts.Thanks to all the athletes as well as the judges. I cannot tell you how proud and excited I am. Everyone was amazing. Here are the workouts theyhad to complete:
 Skill #1
 Complete as many muscle ups as you canin one minute

 Skill #2
 Complete as many rope climbs as you can in one minute

 WOD #1
 AMRAP 15 min
 5 Clean & Jerk or Press 135/95
 7 Ring Dips
 10 Squat box jumps 24/20
 WOD #2
 3 RFT
 10 KB Swings 2/1.5
 15 Wall balls
 20 overhead weighted lunges 45/25
 WOD #3
 Row 2k for time then complete as many burpees as you can in 3 minutes.

Scores will be posted ata later date.
 There is an individual as well as affiliate competition at CrossFit TNT Feb 12 in St Louis. Teams consist of3 guys and 3 girls. RX teams must be able to do Muscle Ups and HSPU. Tryouts for teams coming soon. Cost is$60.00 per team and $15.00 for individuals. More to follow.
 Tryouts for the Affiliate Teams will be Saturday January 22, which is a rest day. Time will be announced at a later date.
 January 15th 2011
 The tryouts will be at 2:00 on Saturday January 22. Be prepared to stay for several hours. There will me multiple workouts.Below is some information from TNT.
 January 19th 2011
 Everyone is welcome to tryout or just come cheer the athletes on.
 Hey everyone,

 The next Affiliate Competition is going to be here atCrossFit TNT on Saturday, February 12th, 2010!
 I know we just finished the Heart of America Challenge but it’s never too soon to start thinking about the next competition!I think we all have been learning as we go, from ourselves & each other as we‘ve been both hosting & attending our local affiliate competitions.I think it’s really amazing how these competitions have grown & how much everyone is improving.We are going to try a few new things this time around & hopefully it makes things run smoother.There are some things you will want to know about the next Affiliate Comp. so you can prepare.

 First, it’s on a Saturday.Having the competition on a Saturday allows you a day to rest if you did compete & allows the Box that is hosting, a day to clean up, rest, re-group for Monday morning.
 Second, there will be only 2 teams allowed per box.It’s hard not to let every person compete that wants to, but as we keep growing, we are going to have to set a limit or these competitions will turn into circuses.We can have 2 RXd teams, 2 scaled teams, or 1 of each.
 Third, we are going to set guidelines as to what qualifies someone as an RXd athlete.An RXd athlete can complete the following “Girls” WODs RXd;Cindy, Elizabeth, Fran, Grace, Helen, Isabel, Jackie, Karen, Nancy, Annie, Eva, & Kelly.So, there should be no question when forming teams, either they are RXd or they are not.As a side note - an RXd athleteshouldbe able to (but isnotrequired to) complete at least one rep of each of the following movements;muscle-up, handstand push-up, rope-climb.
 This might change where some of you are placed.Someone who competed RXd before, may not be doing so at the next competition.But, we hope this accomplishes a few things: athletes feel challenged to master those few skills that they suck at, solid teams that are ready for whatever is thrown at them, & no guesswork trying to figure out if are ready for RXd or not.
 Fourth, we will have 2 teams of 6 athletes, 3 men & 3 women.
 Finally, there will be an individual competition as well.We won’t put a cap on the number allowed to compete as individuals unless it gets crazy.FYI – the individual competition will be great for those who are thinking of trying out for the 2011 CrossFit Games!
 *** If you want to compete, you need to get your name on the white board asap!We will have a competition to see which 12 people will be able to compete on the 2 TNT teams.Right now it looks like we will have 2 scaled teams, none RXd.If you want to compete as RXd, you know what you need to work on & you have 11 weeks!When you sign the board, let us know if you want to compete as RXd so we know if we have enough people to possible form an RXd team.
 The cost will be $60.00 per team ($10 per person) & $15.00 for Individual competitors.
 Just a few things to help you prepare, more details will follow as we get closer to the competition.

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