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  • Friday April 20

    WOD2 Person Teams complete as many rounds as possible in 18:00 ofAlternating rounds 1 DB Power Clean 2@45/351 Thruster1 TTB1 GS Box Jump 24/202 DB Power Clean 2 Thrusters2 TTB2 GS Box Jumps 3 DB Power Cleans 3 Thrusters3 TTB3 GS Box Jumps etc climbing by 1 rep every round until time runs outDuring this workout A1 will complete a full round of 1 then A2 will compete a full round of 1. A1 will then perform a round of 2 reps ea. A2 then completes a round of 2.

  • Thursday April 19

    WODBB/Strength Deadlifts2-10-2-10-2-1010's@ 70% +/-2's@ 88% +/-Conditioning Flight Simulator 10-20-30-40-50-40-30-20-10 reps 0f II Unders each set must be competed unbroken before moving on to the next set.TIme Cap 10:00into 18-12-6 reps of SDLHP 95/65Lateral BurpeesFXDeadlifts 3-3-3-3-310:00 Goat work Take this time to work on linking your Dubs. into 18-12-6 reps of KB SDLHP 70/53Burpees

  • Wednesday April 18

    #1 and #4 WODBB/StrengthSnatch P/S/S7x1Climbing in weight**Lets see some PR's today. Squat snatch should be your preferred movement to reach heaviest potential. Capacity/Conditioning  4 RFT of 5 Power Snatch 115/85Row Sprints Men Sub :40 200m Women Sub 1:00 200m5 Power Snatch Rest 1:00Post total time including rest as scoreIf you fail to row the meet the required time you must redo the row before moving on to the snatch.

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