Workout Of The Day

  • Thursday July 19th here for the up and coming nutrition clinicWODBB/StrengthEMOMx20Odd - Back Squat Even - Deadlift Min 1-4 complete 5 reps @ 70% +/-Min 5-8 complete 3 reps @78-83%+/-Min 9-20 complete 1 rep heavy as possible *rest as needed between sets while climbing. Looking for at least 3 attempts at a heavy single/1RMConditioning&nb...

  • Wednesday July 18th

    WODRest Day Open/Active Recovery 5:00-6:45am11-1pm5:00pm-6:30pm

  • Tuesday July 17th

    WODAMRAPx205 HSPU10 Pull Ups 15 DB OHL 45/35 *alternating 20 II Unders FX5 Pike/SB/HRPU10 Pull Ups 15 DB OHL 35/2520 II's/5+15/35 Singles

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